Food supplements

Quercus nutritional supplements bring together the power of natural substances in concentrated and bioactive synergies. They are innovative combinations based on scientifically substantiated plant extracts, nutrients and other active molecules in their most available and absorbable form. Effective, safe and optimally dosed.

Quercus nutritional supplements offer a natural answer for some forms of physical discomfort (tiredness - reduced resistance - colds - stress - anxiety - sleeplessness - high cholesterol or blood pressure - tired eyes - digestive complaints - etc.) for which we far too often and far too quickly use chemical substances as a remedy.

Quercus nutritional supplements

A sensible diet, sufficient exercise and a good night's sleep form the basis for good health. This puts our body in a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is the optimum balance between all our bodily functions (temperature, acidity, blood pressure, respiration, etc.), combined with the natural capacity of the body to maintain this balance in the face of (negative) environmental factors.

This perfect balance ensures that our body is healthy and remains that way. Whenever this balance is disturbed, the cells in the body are put under additional pressure, resulting in poor health or even illness. There are many factors capable of disturbing our balance: tiredness, stress, poor diet, smoking, drugs, environmental pollution, medication, infections, etc.

Quercus supplements help to maintain or repair this state of homeostasis.